Shadow Ray sounds like a modern hero – he is emotional, but not afraid to die.

Stoically yet warm-blooded, he on this debut album Eyes, Gleaming Through The Dark leads his listeners through a 45 minutes’ voyage of innovatory pop – a series of eight songs composed as dense clouds of bowed guitars and dusty synths meeting around a soulful voice.

Lured by this voice, you now find yourself with Shadow Ray on an undersea tour through slow motion swaying seaweed, psychedelically colored chorals and moments of sun- and moonshine piercing the ocean’s surface and reaching the ocean floor.

On heavily wandering beats Shadow Ray walk these floors, curiously studying everything he passes. Strangely, he seems to know the way, because he is not afraid to remove his eyes from the path that he follows. No, he is taking his time to patiently look back, to his sides and sometimes up on the shimmering, night sky-like underside of the water mirror.

Shadow Ray is a modern hero to whom looking over one’s shoulder is not a sign of weakness; quite the contrary. He even loses his footing sometimes, floating nearly weightlessly, watching the surroundings from new angles.

Determined to complete his unpredictable route, Shadow Ray leads you safe and dry- shod through his moist safari of time, eyes, moons and a darkness, leaving you with a shadow in your mind.

– Line Gøttsche, Summer 2017

Behind Shadow Ray is the Danish musician, singer and composer Anders Holst. Being a manifest part of Copenhagen’s music scene, Holst has taken part in a broad array of alliances such as Won’t Lovers Revolt Now (Morningside Records), Ektoplasma and the critically acclaimed duo Anders Holst/Mads Emil Nielsen (Clang). Recently, Anders Holst has released new works with the guitar sextet Cirklen plus the multi-national, many-media ensemble Bog Bodies.